Cables & Cable Carriers

Range of products: IGUS CHAINFLEX® & E-CHAIN®
• E-Chain products:: Triflex, Easy Triflex, Twister Band, Easy Chain, Ziper, E2 Micro, E2 Mini, E2 Medium, Tube E2, E4, E3, E6 ...
• Collapse and safety assurance system control cable while moving, avoid breaking the cable, the cable mess, halted production, ...

Plain Bearings

Range of products: IGUS - IGLIDUR®
Lower costs and raise service life by eliminating lubrication and lowering maintenance works. Anywhere, whether for underwater applications, for the food and tobacco industry, for extreme temperature and chemical resistance, ... iglidur® bearings always offer a solution.

Spherical Bearings

Range of products: IGUS - IGUBAL®
• Including: Rod end bearings, Flange bearings, Spherical balls, Clevis joints, Angled joints, Pillow block bearings, ...
• Speciality: no lubrication, no mainternance, vibration dampening, resistant against chamicals and corrosion, ...

Linear Motion

Range of products: IGUS - DRYLIN®
• Features: Mainternance- and lubrication- free, corrosion resistant, low friction, no wear on shaft, dirt resistant, resistant against vibration & shocks, optimal for short stroke applications, predictable lifetime ...

Ball Bearings

Range of products: IGUS - XIROS®
• Where conventional metallic ball bearings are not expedient, many applications can be successfully implemented by XIROS®.
• Features: Lubricant- and mainteance-free, high corrosion resistance, for temperatures up to +150°C, high media resistance, washable, non-magnetic, light weight.