Plastic-Flat Top Chain

• We provide all of series chain as: 820, 821, 831, 879, 880, 882, 1873, etc for straight running and side flexing applications.
• Furthermore, we also provide the Plastic-Flat Top Chain used plastic pin, of which Tsubaki manufacture, with advantages: lower cost, longer lifetime used for light transfer.

Steel-Flat Top Chain

• Usually used for product transfer applications where heavy load, high temperature, low speed, longer lifetime requested.
• The common products such as: SS802/SS805, SS812/SS815, SS881, SS8811, SS1874. etc, made of cast iron or stainless steel 304, 316, 420, 430.

Top Chain Accessories

Including: sprockets & idler wheels, wearstrips, side guide, corner tracks, articulated feet, Frame support base, conecting clamps, side guide brackets, transfer roller plates, etc.